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Hi everyone... I have a lenovo Z580 budget lap top with the following specs:
i5 3210m processor @2.5ghz
1gb Nvidia GT630m graphics
4gb ram(CpuZ shows manufacturer as Hyundai electronics , DDR3,PCR-12800,@ 800MHZ
CAS LATENCY : 11 11 11 28)
now I wish to upgrade my system to 8 GB by adding another 4gb ram stick. After extensive searching I have zeroed in on a Corsair of same frequency but latency 11 11 11 30. Will this work on my laptop? Also there s a gskill one with latency 11 11 11 28, same as that of my earlier one. Which one should I opt for?? Kindly advise? Any advice would be helpful!!
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  1. Since latency's are the same and i imagine the speed and voltage too choose the gskill.
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    Go with the GSkill, better sticks and more open to adjusted timings for laptops
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