After installing a new gfx card the computer wont boot past bios. The bios seems reset as well. I have plugged in the power

Computer won't boot past bios after installation of new gfx card
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  1. Can you give more information, maybe specs?
  2. Must have been deleted in my question.

    Gfx: MSI radeon r9
    Mb: Asus p8z68 v Lx
    Psu: GX lite 600w
  3. sound like a really cheap low end under powered not delivering what you think it should didn't want to invest in a proper supply because the good ones cost too much money make me feel good power supply. just my thoughts.
  4. The issue is that I will boot to bios screen but not boot windows.
    I have plugged in the power to the gfx card.
    @ swifty maybe the psu was bought to support a much older gfx card and this there was no need at the time to purchase a high end psu -.-
  5. pull the card from the case. boot with on board graphics. what happens?
  6. What other specs?
    did you try a bios update?
    Can you try,if possible,another psu?
  7. I have reinstalled the old gfx card - and get the same. It boots to bios - starts windows and restarts after 3 secs.
    I take it that the bios has somehow been reset upon installation of the new gfx?
  8. pull the card from the case. boot with on board graphics. what happens?
  9. @swifty removing the new gfx and using the onboard results in
    Windows boot manager: win failed to start - a recent software or hardware change might be the cause
  10. Reset the bios to the optimal default values.(you can try this without the next steps first)
    Look at the boot order when you're in the bios.
    Also check whether the sata controller is on ahci or ide.Choose ahci if you can,doesn't that work try ide.
  11. @vic40
    I have updated the bios. Changed to optimal default.
    Set it to achi - no luck but do get boot to win error - and can enter repair mode.
    Set to IDE - same as above
    In all instances I am using onboard gfx
  12. with the card out and hooked to on board video.........machine off........ reset cmos. using a HD do not set ahci mode. check if raid is enabled in BIOS on reboot. . if it is disable it. save settings. reboot. see how it goes................
  13. I'll try that.
    While I do - I want to thank you guys for taking the time to help out!!
  14. No luck. I will contact a service to get this straight. Thanks again
  15. Did you look at the boot order?
    Maybe check the cables from the hdd to the motherboard.
  16. give a direct link to that power supply
  17. Best answer
    So I just got the answer back from the service center - it appears windows is the issue and the solution is a clean install.
    Guess I will buy another hdd and use it as main in order not to lose everything. Ssd here I come :)
  18. Thanks for letting us know.

  19. Thanks for your help!
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