My computer is not showing D,E,F drive it's show only C:Drive..In explorer its show C:drive of 46GB but in disk management

OS win 8 32 bit
I have 150 GB HD in my lenovo laptop

i have make partation of
C: Drive 46 GB
D: Drive 50 GB
E: Drive 50 GB
F: Drive 04 GB
total 150 GB Hard Disk in Laptop in Explorer(MY Computer) shows only C: Drive that is of 46 GB and disk management shows 150 GB for C: Drive then where is my D.e.F DRIVES I Have My Important Data in other drives And i want save it..
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  1. Can you screenshot the Disk Management window and upload it?

    this is the link of my photo

    it's show 150GB of C drive in disk management and don't see other drives
    and in Explorer(My computer) it's show only C drive of 46GB ...
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