IDE SSD vs new sata 7200rpm Hdd

Hi, I just bought a couple of new mechanical drives which I intend to make a drive pool with via the software from StableBit. It has a feature called 'ssd optimizer' which can use a spare ssd like a cache so files write to the pool quicker then are moved to the mechanical drives at a later point. I have a spare at least 3 year old IDE KingSpec SSD 64GB which while a cheap make has proved to be reliable.

The model is KSD-PA25-064,

So my question is there any point in using it like this? I dont know if even though its an SSD if the interface and age will make it slower than my new mechanical drives.

Thanks for reading
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  1. SSDs are fast, a lot faster than HDDs, even older ones.
  2. Ok thanks, I guess it was just the IDE part that made me doubt it
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