FX-8320 + GTX 770 vs i5 4670K + R9 270x Toxic

Hey everyone, my question is pretty much the title. I will be getting a CM 212 Evo for both, an m5a97 evo r2 for the fx and a z87 g43 for the i5 4670k if that changes anything
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  1. also, the gtx 770 will be a gainward gtx 770. if anyone has any idea on how good it is in terms of noise oc ability etc i'd love to know because i can only seem to find gainward phantom reviews.
  2. Are the i5-4460, 4590, 4670, or 4690 viable substitutions for the FX 8320? The stores near me seemed to have ran out of stock for everything else
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    If this is for gaming, the 770 will outperform the 270x.

    The 4670k would outperform the 8320, though it wouldn't be as noticeable as the difference between the GPU's.

    IMO, look at an i5 4440/4570 and a B/H motherboard as this will outperform the 8320. If you can get that around the same price as the 8320 + M5A97 and still be able to get the 770 it would be a better setup.
  4. For gaming they'd all outperform the FX.
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