SATA ports not registering Disc Drive or SSD. Help

Me again. So, everything turned on and is working... except the disc drive wouldn't open. As I searched the bios, I noticed that the Sata ports weren't reading that anything was in them. So... I'm not sure exactly what to do from here.

Could someone lend me a bit of advice/help?

Again, my motherboard is a MSI z87 g45 gaming motherboard
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    1) Go into the BIOS. Hit F1 to show all of the Function keys. You want "Load Optimized Defaults". I believe it is F6. Agree to accept it and then hit F10 ("Save and Exit"). Reboot and see if the problem is solved?

    2) Clear CMOS. Check your manual for the proper pins to jumper on the mobo (with the computer off and the power unplugged), or just remove the coin cell battery on the mobo for about 5 min. (again - NO POWER), reinstall battery. Plug in power and turn it on. Then go back to Solution #1 above and Load optimized Defaults, F10, reboot and see if the problem is solved?

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