best mobo cpu combo for ide hard drives and floppy and optical drives

Looking for best low budget cpu/motherboard combo to replace intel d485 and p4 2.0 ghz combo. Would like to utilize current hardware - wd and seagate hard drives with ide connections, 2 optical drives with ide,, floppy drive,nvidia graphics card and audigysound card.

Any suggestions?
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    Sorry but there are NO IDE motherboards for sale. Best thing to do is search eBay or Amazon or find SATA to IDE adaptor (if such exists). Most mobos since 2006 have few IDEs. Mine is from 2006 and has just one IDE and four SATA ports- ASRock AliveXfire-eSATA2. You can find mobo that has atleast one IDE port and take SATA HDD and copy your data onto the SATA drive. SATA is newer , faster, better and allows more air to flow in your case since the cable is just 7 wires rather than the 40-80 wires on the IDE.
    If this suits you go for it:
    AMD FX CPU (your choise)
    AM3+ mobo (as long as it is AM3+ socket its fine to take the cheepest one)
    RAM (your choise but 4Gb is realy good)
    HDD (1Tb is perfect)
    GPU aslong if your GPU is using PCIe or PCI and mobo has these connectors you'll be fine
    Sound card (ALL new mobos have built-in sound cards) same as the GPU case
    All other hardware should work just as they were working now.
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