Upside down and reversed PCI exhaust or PSU with rear fan?

My case has no opening at the bottom for a PSU fan, so i'll have to install it with the fan on the top. The obvious problem with this is the use of the internal hot air being sucked into the PSU to "cool" it.
This isn't good so I'm wondering if there is a certain PCI exhaust fan that I can install upside down and reverse the fan to intake cool air and blow it towards the PSU fan.
If this isn't a good idea or it's impossible, is there another way?
I've tried my hardest looking for a decent 850w PSU with a rear fan, but no luck. Any help would be great.
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    Well the only solution I can see is a new case with a bottom vent so you can flip the psu. Otherwise get lots on front intake and try to keep things cool. Or something like this, though it is doing the same thing but allowing for more airflow directly into the psu, Hope this helps or gives an idea in the right direction.
  2. I have seen PCI brackets for two fans like that, but it would still be blowing warm air into the PSU. I guess i'll have to leave it as it is or drill my own fan hole in the bottom of the case. Thank you though.
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