Advise on an HDMI/Toslink switcher to prevent Pan Viera TV from downgrading Soundbar 5.1 to 2 Channel?


Sorry if incorrect area for question, please move if so or let me know and I'll do it.

I recently purchased a Vizio S4251w-B4 to use with my Pan Viera ST50 Plasma.
I currently have 3 video source components, but will have a 4 and maybe 5th shortly (so I'll need an HDMI switch anyways as, Viera ST50 has a whopping 3 HDMI ports)

> Here's my question:
Is there a switch(er) that will enable me to maintain Dolby/DTS multichannel
from Vizio S4251w-B4 from soundbar - bypassing the Panasonic Viera ST50 from downgrading signal to two channels?

---> PLEASE include either:
> Specific MFR/Model Switch and/or
>> Specific Specs/ Features I require to do what's needed....

*** Being that there is NO HDMI IN or OUT on the Vizio soundbar, can I get some suggestions on AN INEXPENSIVE hardware switcher/splitter?

---> Currently, I have:
- 2 xbox 360's (both w HDMI, only 1 I think has optical digital - think there is an HDMI adapter with optical digital IF needed)
- 1 Comcast HD DVR (w HDMI, Optical and Coax Digital Audio)
- 1 xbox one (near future)
- 1 possible set top streamer for video formats the xbox and viera wont handle or a Blu Ray player that reads BD-R Discs (cause xbox one won't)

If possible, other than inexpensive, I'd prefer the switcher have auto source select and a remote for when it's not auto source not feesable (like I'm running downloads my xbox in background while watching tv on Comcast HD DVR.

Thanks a lot!!!
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  1. This HDMI switch has coax digital audio out which will work with the soundbar:
    If you decide you need more than 4 inputs then you will have to use one of these:
    with any HDMI switcher.
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