On Board Sound Not Working on msi Z87-GD65 mobo

I've been using a usb headset on my new build and now have a headset with regular 3.5 mm audio and mic jacks on them. Now here's the problem, I connected these to my back mobo panel and there has been no sound coming out of the headset or any pickup on the mic. I checked in bios and it says that there is something plugged in but there is pretty much invisible on my system. Is there anything I can do to remedy this? I already unplugged my front audio connectors so I am really clueless.
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    Check and see whether the sound is muted anywhere.
  2. Well never mind. The device was disabled.
  3. Ubrales said:
    Check and see whether the sound is muted anywhere.

    Thanks but I already figured that out and it's working :lol:
  4. Great!
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