Could future sli postpone a full upgrade and save money?

My single 770 is doing great right now but I know that it will eventually lag behind future cards. When the single 770 starts to show its age would I benefit from buying a second one and possibly save more money compared to buying a newer card? My mobo supports SLI and I have a 600watt PSU (not sure if that is enough). Thanks
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  1. It depends on things that you haven't detailed. What resolution do you typically game at? How much memory does your 770 have? Do you tend to play lots of graphically intensive games, do you run higher graphics settings (4x - 8x AA, MSAA, SSAO, etc, tesselation, etc.). These are some of the things that factor into whether you should go the SLI route, or, usually more preferable, upgrade to a single higher power, higher memory card, which is the simpler, less headache-prone solution.
  2. I tend to max out all games at 1080 with the aim of 60fps. Whenever I have a game I can't handle on ultra at 60fps then I tone down the anti aliasing. I would like to do 1440 or 1600 in the future. 2gbs and I'm not going for 4k because I know I'll need something much more powerful and a higher gram on the card(s).
  3. Vram*
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    If you are going 1440p, you may as well go with a new card with more VRAM for the higher resolution and future games.
    If you intend to keep the 1080p for the life of the card(s), the 770 you have now will last a long time. And adding a 2nd (when prices have come down) will be cost effective. Micro-stutter is pretty well a thing of the past with Nvidia from my last SLI experience. And with a high end card, even less noticeable. dual 770s should net ~80% increase in framerate. But it will make frametimes slightly worse.
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