Is a Gigabyte GA-78LMT-USB3 windows 8 compatible?

Im building a new pc and i need to know if the gigabyte GA-78LMT-USB3 ver. 5.0 is windows 8 compatible i cant seem to find it anywhere.
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    There are drivers (Win 8 & 8.1) at the gigabyte web site for that board, both revisions. So, it looks that it is compatible.

    Here's the web site to get the latest drivers, etc.

    Rev. 5.0
  2. yes that mobo is compatable with windows 8. i have it myself, but run windows 7 on it.
  3. I have two identical REV 5 boards, both with the same power supplies, RAM and HDDs, one works perfectly the other will not work USB3 no matter what you do and I am having a similar problem with a 970A-DS3P, no matter what drivers (Gigabyte or VIA) get code 43 or no drivers loaded in device manager at all. Any suggesations.
  4. Try setting up the BIOS? Are you able to download and install the newer drivers?
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