Need to know what components are best for upgrading my iBUYPOWER PC Price limit is $300 or under

About a year ago I boughtt a iBUYPOWER gaming PC, the speed of it was not what I was expecting. I want to be able run most common games; Day Z, Space Engineers, Dota 2, Starcraft, etc. I want to know what component I should buy first, a CPU or a GPU?

Here's the stats:
AMD Quad-COre FX-4100 Zambezi Processor



Windows 8 64 Bit
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    Well, you could probably want to tell me your motherboard's chipset so i will be able to know if we can upgrade you processor. But you have to be able to get a 8320 for 150 and a 750 Ti or 6300 and 270x ( second one = a lot of better performance but 2 cores lower) They both should cost around 330$.

    A: Probably you will have to upgrade first the GPU, if you are sure that the CPU isnt going to bottleneck it. I am pretty sure that if you get the 270X you wont see any bottleneck with the 4100.

    Edit : Done a little research and they said it will probably bottleneck the 4100 so go with the 8320 or with the 6300 and upgrade to 750Ti/270X
  2. Can you tell me how to find my motherboard stats? Sorry I'm new this sort of thing, and first I get the 750 Ti GPU, then a 8320 CPU?
    Note: I'm accumulating the money for the components slowly, I'm getting my first job so I'm putting the money towards this.
  3. Download CPU-Z and at the tabs somewhere should be wrote mainboard/motherboard there it will be wrote. Also first get the 750 Ti / 270X as far as the Radeon card is better than the GTX. I suggest getting the 270X and saving some 50$ more and buy the 8320. But you have to make sure that your motherboard supports the 990FX chipset / 970 chipset should do it fine /.
  4. I don't have access to that computer atm, I'm traveling. The most I could do the answer what the motherboard is, is the bestbuy page I bought it from.
  5. Well i still cant see the motherboard. When you go home tell me what is your motherboard.
  6. Well thanks for your time and help, until then
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