I can't find my graphics card drivers. Please help

Yes, I know. It's a nooby thing to get stuck on. I had all my drivers working and everything was going well... Last night when I put in my new GPU, for some reason, my 2nd monitor wouldn't work. My drivers were installed correctly. So I tried messing around in AMD Catalyst Control Center and, well, now my PC won't boot unless I'm in safe mode. I can boot with my onboard chipset but I really don't want to do that.. I've tried using the AMD auto-detect driver tool, and it works.. But for some reason I can't download from the client's server. When I try and download I get the following:

"Could not connect to server: Could not parse error."
And that's it.

I first got my GPU working last night by installing "Slim Drivers Free". I updated all of my system drivers and everything was working perfectly, but now I reset my GPU driver and when I run the scan it says my drivers are up-to-date and all work fine. Clearly, they aren't. I don't really know what to do at this point. I've searched for my drivers online and I got nothing.

GPU: AMD Radeon 7700
OS: Windows 7 64-bit

All help is greatly appreciated.
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  1. Kari said:

    I've tried this.. It won't work for me

    "Could not connect to server: Could not parse error." when I try and get the drivers.

    EDIT: Actually nevermind I was talking about the wrong thing, but I can't use this either xD

    I get the error "Failed to load detection driver" twice, and then the client stops working.
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