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Hey guys, I'm a console gamer that's upgrading. My budget is 1600 and I'm looking for a gaming PC that'll run everything maxed. Is it possible. Also, I don't mind building.
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  1. Tom has one for you -,3766.html

    To drop its price down, just change the i7 4770k to an i5 4670k and change the gtx780ti to a gtx780 or R9 290
  2. A sapphire toxic R9 290 can support 4K and can run every single game maxed at 1080P at 60FPS average and it's only $440 :)
  3. Hey, since you know the lingo, guy, is the one you suggested better than this 1?
  4. Tom's is a lot beter:

    the i7 4770k is better than the i7 3820.
    all those graphics card are better than the gtx 670
    Tom's has a better quality power supply
  5. Hey, thanks buddy. I'm glad I'm about to join the PC club, and goddamn the GRAPHICS! I can't wait! But just to check, you guys sure this will run everything max? I don't care about 4k, so that's out of the equation.
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