What do you think about this laptop build?

Asus n550jk-DS71t

1080p touchscreen

i7- 4700mq
gtx 850m ddr3 2 gb
16 gb ram
1 tb 5400 rpm hard disk
250 gb Samsung Evo SSD

1500 dollars

I am living in the Philippines so the product usually coasts an additional 250 dollars for shipping

i would use it for multimedia purposes and computer programming.

do you think this is the best for my budget and purpose?
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  1. That's definitely a nice spec machine mate. Are you likely to be gaming on this?
  2. yeah i would be gaming, but I just do it casually so I feel that gtx 850m is enough.
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    casual gaming should be solid on the 850M - the card can take AAA games at 720p at ultra settings, as well as possibly medium 1080p. The build quality of the asus is superb - and you get a free subwoofer - pretty sweet.
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