laptop doesn't boot defctive mobo?

Hello there, recently i found a problem in my toshiba satellite a200-1mb. When i boot my laptop motherboard is very slow and doesn't boot the windows, in addition appears a message:

For realtek blah RTL0100E/0101E Fast Ethernet Network Adapter v.1.0.2
PXE-E61 Media test failure cable

Any ideas what's wrong and how i could fix that?
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    Did the CMOS battery die? It may be causing the BIOS to not remember anything.
    My Brother's laptop will not boot with a dead CMOS battery.

    To fix the Media Test Failure Cable try this:

    To fix the Exiting PXE ROm try this:

    In the BIOS, look in the boot options and take the "other devices" or "other" out of the boot sequence.
    Also, check to see if boot from LAN is enabled. If it is, disable it.
    PXE is a protocol that will enable you to boot from a network drive or server.
    When it says that it failed, it is because it could not find an OS on the network.
  2. it's ok m8 i just reinstall my ssd and it's working now!
  3. Ok, It is always good when you have a working computer!
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