PC crashes randomly (w/ vertical lines)

I have been having trouble with my PC, it crashes randomly (mostly in a game such as league of legends) it will crash and vertical lines (i would say 1/2 a cm or 1/4 a inch wide) that will vary in color on time to time (sometimes green and black, sometimes black and gray) always repeating in the two random colors. (green, black, green, black, etc)

i brought it to my nearest PC medic and they said its the outlet my PC is connected to, moved it to another outlet and it worked for about 2-3 weeks but it has started again.

i didn't build my PC but bought it from Ibuypower (online) (also worst idea ever (should have built it) the video card came DOA, and i believe they should have tested it)

specs: processor: AMD FX (tm)-6300 Six-core processor 3.50 GHz
ram: 8gb
HDD: 1Tb
SSD: none
Os: windows 8.1
PSU: 650W

ask for any other info (i had a proper list of my specs but my PC did crash, same as what i was talking about above)
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    I had a similar problem a while ago, for me the problem was I had a bad stick of RAM. I used memtest86 to test this ( Not sure if this is your problem but might be worth checking.
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