New build, just getting started.

So it's time for a new build. I need to pick a mobo and ram. I will be over clocking and using water cooling, FYI. So far this is what I am thinking.

Cpu i5 4670k
Gpu two gtx 780's
Had samsung SSD 840 EVO-Series 500GB (just one HD)

For the mobo I am looking at the asus z97 boards. The Maximus 7 hero or asrock extreme4 , but open to whatever.

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    well, can you wait a few months? if so, get the hero 7 board and a devils cannyon or broadwell cpu as they are "For Extreme overclockers" lol, and if you want it now the i5 4670k is a great choice aswell.
  2. Just read up on those. I will wait. Thx.
  3. np :)
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