Gigabyte Gt220 DDR3 1Gb vs HD5670 GDDR5 512Mb is it worth the upgrade

if i would get a HD5670 GDDR5 512Mb would this be a considerable upgrade or atleast would there be a performance increase? is it worth it?
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    It appears to be more of a sidegrade, so not really worth it.
    An R7 260x is about $120 and would run rings around a gt220.
  2. i'm currently looking for a second-hand card just looking trough what people are offering,new is to expensive and not worth it for a crap PC,
    almost got myself a HD4870 for 35$,unfortunately...
    I might be posting a few comparisons by the next few days until i trow my GT220 out.. thanks for all the help ;)
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