Question about displayport/thunderbolt/hdmi 4k and motherboard compatibility

I am trying to build a new pc, for gaming mainly, but I want it to be forward compatible with 4K monitors, I cant buy a 4k monitor now, but when I can, I dont want to change my entire system.

my build:

so my questions are:
1. Which is the best port for displays? hdmi, display port, or thunderbolt?
2. Does this depend on the graphic card or the motherboard, I was confused after watching this linus video.

does the port give more quality? or just more bandwith to transport more data at the same time, and therefore bigger displays?
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  1. Display port is the best and i would not run 4k off a 770. For gaming wise, it just isnt going to perform over 60fps. And all the ports perform on par until you get to 4k. Also using which port does not matter in the gpu. Just note that not many gpus include support for thunderbolt.
  2. but if I need 4k support in 1 year or 2 when I have the money to buy the screens, what parts do I need to change on my pc? just the graphic card?
  3. Yes just the graphics card. Going up to a 780 should be fine, but i would suggest a r9 290/780 ti for best performance
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    Oh and when you do use 4k, use display port because only that supports 4k at 60hz
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