Fastest, Easiest Cloning Software?

So here is the condition, I got 15 PC to be installed
After extensive Googling, I know that I can shorten the time needed to install all of them by using cloning

These are the questions :
1. What are the best yet free cloning software, is it Clonezilla? I've tried this Clonezilla and it seems a little hard to use
2. So far I've experimented with Clonezila, my main PC which need to be cloned is using W7 32 bit with C partition size is 150 GB and D partition size is 350 GB, which option should I choose? Save disk or parts?
3. From what I read, using Clone zilla means I must use 2 storage, 1 for the Clonezilla and 1 for the image storage? Is it true?

Thanks pal!
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    1: for plain windows I would go with Macrium reflect Free.
    2: If the pc's need both then both...
    3: All cloning software should have separate image and system drives. You dont put the image onto the same drive you are creating it from (makes an endless loop kind of situation) The cloning software and the image can be on the same drive.

    Just a few cautions about cloning.
    1: your system has drivers installed that are compatible with your motherbd. Cloning to a different motherbd may produce an un-bootable situation.
    2: your system has a user on it. This user will need to be removed and a new one setup on each cloned pc.
    3: you pc has its windows activation/authentication key probably already installed - this will need to be changed on all the cloned pc's and then re-authenticated.
  2. All right, I got it
    Onr more question, is the image produced by cloning can be made bootable so I only need to plug a usb drive into the machine I want to clone to without using the cloning software again, so it's like using windows 7 installer
  3. nope but some cloning software have an unattended install function where you can create an file with the choices you would make ahead of time.

    Macrium may still offer diskrestore which did this function.
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