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Ok so I know the windows 8 product keys are now stored in the bios and I have a question about reinstalling it on the same computer just a different hard drive. I have a solid state drive I boot as my primary drive with windows 7 and a secondard hard drive that I have windows 8 installed on, im thinking about changing my primary solid state drive to windows 8.1 and just keeping that as my new os. My question is if I still have windows 8 installed on the second drive can I just do a windows.old for 7 and it will use the same key, then delete it from the secondary hard drive? Or if I was to delete windows 8.1 off my secondary drive first and then do a windows.old on the ssd would It automatically use the right key?
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  1. as long as you have windows 8.1 installed only in 1 place it will be fine
  2. What do you mean "do a windows.old"?

    Do you have the Windows 8 install media and license key?
  3. Windows 8 keys are stored in the new UEFI BIOS of OEM's PC's like Dell, HP. Off the shelf motherboards, they are stored on the SSD/HDD, even if the use UEFI BIOS.

    Discnnect the HDD.
    A clean build on the SSD, you can add the key later.
    Connect HDD, copy across files
    Wipe the HDD and reuse.
    Activate with your existing key, you may need to phone Microsoft.
  4. So if I just delete windows 8.1 from windows 7 then install 8 to the same hard drive to make windows do a .old for windows 7 (as you can't have two os's on the same drive)? Its windows 8.1 with media center.

    And it wasn't a stock os, I got a key and installed it post build.
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    If you have the Win 8.1 install media and key, install that to the SSD. The key will work.
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