How could i know if my new psu cables are similar to my motherboard?

So i will get this psu and my mobo is this will i have problems? also my cpu is 70w the gpu as i know gtx 770 is 550w will i be good with this psu or i need 650w?
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  1. yes it will be fine, and the graphics card is not 550 watt, that is what it recommends the minimum psu you have, the card itself is a max of about 290 i think.
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    You should get 650watt psu.

    All PSUs and motherboards use the standard 24pin connector, the only connector to worry about is the CPU, that psu (and assuming its 650 watt equiviant) has an 8pin cpu connector which will work for 4pin and 8pin cpu connectors.
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