Gateway M-Series HDMI (M1617 / W650 A) Need XP drivers for wifi

Long time since I've been here.
It's good to know that one of the very first forums I ever joined would grow so big, and still stay true to the builders who need to communicate! Great job!
I've got a laptop.
M-Series (m1617 / W650A)
Second hand repair. Had to perform a clean install Via USB of Windows XP Home.
problem is drivers for the wifi
All I can get is off the card itself. FCC ID UAY-MMC85PG
Marvell MC85
I've tried all standard tech support sites yet can not find a driver for XP to this device.
Can anyone please help me?
I really need the wifi to work on this device.
Thanks in advance!
I'll be standing by.
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    All links found either "File not found" or lead to some pay driver tool
    Download contains files that do not install drivers after manual uninstall/install by location
    , nor by insert into driver folder
  2. I've ran into a few forum locations "discussing" the problem, but all links I've found either are for a different adapter, or refer back to Gateway.
  3. In that case you might just have to go out and buy a mini-pci-e wifi card.
  4. That's an idea I guess. :(
  5. Yeah not ideal, but seems like all drivers revolve around gateway, who did not intend for that laptop to use a better "downgrade" from vista.

    I got my dual band + bluetooth half height intel wireless card from amazon for like $22
  6. Since the laptop had XP on it when it was given to me to fix, that was the OS I started out with.
    In the end however, the way I solved the problem was to just go ahead and Wintoflash a copy of Vista and install it.
    Sure enough, a couple hours later, (after I went out and got the drivers from Gateway) it was up and running just fine.
    Thank you to all who did help though. I really do appreciate it.
    Talk to you all later!
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