Acer Aspire 5733Z-4851 battery/charger problem?

Right so I've had this Acer Aspire 5773Z-4851 for what seems like forever now(2 maybe 3 years), AND just recently the charger started going out. I went ahead and used a multi-meter to check the actual charger and everything showed up fine - outputting at 19.5V.It even had a green light on the box part of the charger. So I figure that part is fine, and moved on.

Then I noticed that the ac/dc harness, where you plug in the charger to the laptop, was very loose. so I figured that was where I should start troubleshooting. The Battery seemed fine, its been holding charge pretty well, seeing as my laptop has been unplugged for nearly 5 days now and its still got around >50% (I've been using it only when needed).

Next, I went online to search for a replacement ac/dc harness for my laptop. I ordered it, and installed it with no problem (charger fits in nice and tight). It beeped like it's supposed to when I plugged it in. YAY! Then I moved it just to make sure that it was fixed.. and that's when my dreams were crushed.. it beeped again as if I unplugged the charger yet it was still plugged in.

I forgot to mention that the two lights (Status light and Charger, both at the front of the laptop) start blinking whenever something goes wrong with the charger. Normally when nothing is wrong with the charger, the light stays Blue, the same is for the Status light. But whenever the charger fails (or whatever the actually problem is) the charger light blinks an Orange/Amber color, and the Status light blinks Blue along side it.

A quick Google search showed some people talking about a bad motherboard? Or some kind of board, sadly I don't remember, and to be honest I REEAALLY hope that my problem is not that because my wallet cannot handle throwing 1000 bones towards a new computer. Anyway...

[edit] here is a link where others have said its a motherboard problem.

I've removed the battery and held the power button for 10-20 seconds to discharge any charge still in the computer.. then I plugged in the charger to the computer (without the battery in) and the Charger light came on, but it was solid orange. I turned on my laptop and it was charging! but the second I moved the cord to the charger, it beeps, and both the Battery light and the status light start blinking like I explained earlier.

I'm not sure where to go from here. Is there a diagram or schematic I can look at to follow where the electricity goes so I can see where I'm losing power at? I really hope I'm just missing something simple.. I'm going to be taking the laptop apart again to see if i missed something.. The ac/dc harness that I ordered was just a measly $9 on eBay, so ordering one shouldn't be a problem.. I'm just disappointed that the repair I did didn't work. Anyway, Cheers and thank you in advance for any assistance.
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  1. Using the multi-meter on the battery (which has a rating of 10.8V dc) showed up that I am only getting a measly 0.056v dc which is waaaaay off. I'll get my dad over to verify what I've found on the multi-meter. if the battery is the problem then I'm in luck because those are replaceable.

    based on what's the dealio, would you people agree with me? I would feel a little better with some input from some of you tech gurus.
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