GTX 770 vs GTX 760

Hello again. Will the gtx 760 perform almost as good at the Gtx 770 or is it way worse. I want to play games like crysis 3 bf4 and AC4. Thanks in advance.
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  1. gtx760:
    bf4 @1080p ultra 35-43fps
    c3 @ 1080p high 59fps

    bf4 @ 1080p ultra 42-54fps
    c3 @1080p high 71fps

    in general look here

    its a fairly significant difference if you intend to run games like bf4 at maximum settings. the 760 is fine for medium or possibly high while the 770 can handle ultra. at 1080p of course. if running above 1080p your figures will be different.
  2. Thanks so if I were to get the 760 would the PCs performance be a lot worse than the gtx 770?
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    read the benchmarks i listed and linked to.

    that depends on what you considered "alot" worse.

    in general thats the breaking point between mid level graphics (760) and high level graphics (770) settings being playable.

    as for what is best for you... thats your own decision.

    did you want to save some money and are willing to accept playing on lower graphics settings? if yes then the 760 works. did you want to play at higher settings and play games further into the future on higher settings? then get the 770.
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