Msi z87 dimm slot not working

I bought a Barebone case that came with this motherboard, I put in a couple of gskills tridents 8gb each. After the machine was working fine for a while it just decided to stop booting. I took the left ram stick out and booted it and it worked fine, in fact either stick in the right slot worked fine while withe either stick on the left slot didn't boot. I tried cleaning, etc, it just didn't work.

I send it back to neweg, get a new one and....same issue, either of my sticks on the right side boot fine, either stick on the left won't boot and of course both at the same time won't boot.

Basically, msi? Bad build quality or what's wrong? Ram isn't the problem obviously. It's not the same motherboard that I sent back because the other one had some gpu slot issues and other stuff plus the color was washed out on the old one and this one looks brand new so I'm sure it's a new barebones altogether. So what can be issue here?
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  1. Just an update, I tried with another ram brand, didn't work either
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