Korean 1440p or wait for G-Sync ASUS ROG SWIFT

Hi All,

With the upcoming release of Watch_Dogs I would like to get a new monitor to play on, currently I have a 1920x1080p monitor and I think I should be using something better with my GTX 770 SLI setup.

I have worked out I have 2 choices as I would like 1440p and 120hz ideally, i've never experienced an IPS monitor so I can't use that as a factor.

The 2 choices are:
Crossover 27QW (Seems like the best korean monitor from research and this is a good price with perfect pixel)
Wait for the ASUS ROG Swift, is G-Sync really worth the wait and the extra $400+
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  1. Crossover is beat by the Qnix, better overclocking and generally just a better panel. Don't waste money on pixel perfect, all they do is refund you the difference if the one you get isn't 'pixel perfect', they can't open the monitor boxes to check.

    Though Gsync is tempting, I personally think the ROG monitor is crappy value, especially given the fact that its a TN display.
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    i read something about gsync being dead soon. wouldn't waste my time. was interesting. if i come across it again i'll link it.

    the korean monitors are known for having dead pixels.

    ips........... nice screen to look at............ want a competitive on line gamer........... asus 144hz.
  3. The only problem with these IPS monitors that are OC'ed, is that their pixel response is so slow that it never gives you 120 crisp images. It all gets blurred. The problem with the ROG is that it is expensive, at least the predicted price is expensive, but we won't know for sure until it is sold.

    G-sync may not end up selling a lot, as in a year or 2, there will be a non-proprietary version, but the tech will not die. It is just getting started. If you want variable refresh rates, the G-sync will work now, and will continue to do so for the life of the monitor. It isn't something dev's have to program, it just works, so you don't have to worry if another version takes over, yours will still work. The only downside is for G-sync, you'd have to stick with Nvidia, which may not really be an issue.

    I personally would rather have the ROG monitor, but the predicted price is steep enough to make you 2nd guess buying it.
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