Random, Very Large Ping Spikes, Internet Disconnections

For the past week or two I've been having some internet difficulties. I'll be browsing the web for a while, then all of a sudden I can't load anything, or the internet speed slows way down to basically a standstill, then it generally corrects itself after a minute or two.

The problems are most noticeable when I game online (which I like to do frequently). In every single game I play now I experience network trouble. In Team Fortress 2 I can go for maybe 20 minutes just fine, then my ping will start climbing until it reaches well above 500, sometimes above 900, then I will either be disconnected from the game or it will start to decrease at an agonizingly slow speed.When I was hosting a Civilization 5 game with my friend, midway through it would split the game, and I would be offline on steam, and I would have to exit the game to regain connection.

The disconnections and massive lag spikes happen a lot more frequently when I am in Skype calls or steam calls with my friends while playing. I do not believe it i anything game specific because I'm having problems in all of my games I've tried so far. The slow speed and connection issues have just started in the past couple of weeks, and my family just got a new main computer, no the one I'm using that has the problems. Maybe the old one had setup stuff or settings for the router on it, I don't know, that could very well be the problem.

I have Comcast, an ethernet cable runs from my garage to a Cisco router, then an ethernet runs from that to a device (that is a little sketchy and I suspect may b the source of the problem, called an Actiontec 500 mbps Powerline Network Adapter) that plugs into a wall outlet, then another on plugs into the wall outlet across the house by the computer I use, with an ethernet running from that to my computer.

Any help would really be appreciated, I've spent way to much time trying to figure this out myself, and I finally decided to come and ask you much more knowledgeable people for help. Please feel free to ask for any more information, or for me to do anything at all, like tests or something. Absolutely anything that will help me with this problem. Thanks in advance.

TL;DR I have massive lag spikes and disconnections when gaming online, and varying internet speeds when browsing. Likely problems could be a new computer connected to the router, or the Powerline Network Adapter used to bring a connection from the router to my computer. Pls help.
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  1. I just got rid of the powerline adapter and ran an ethernet through my attic, problem solved.
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