Why does my computer lag when I play video games?

So, this is the story. At first, my computer does not lag when I play video games like skyrim, GTA 4, sleeping dogs etc. But it has another problem where the computer shuts down after playing 10 mins. in the games. I solved the "shut down" problem by replacing my video card. But a new problem arises, the " lag" problem. Some games reduces the lag after I put it on minimum graphics/resolution. But some wont. So can you guys tell what might be the problem? Sorry for the long description.

Intel(R) Core(TM) Dou CPU E7500@ 2.93 GHz 2.94 GHz
2 GB ram
32 bit OS
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  1. Hello,

    your description is actually short. You need to give us more info.

    What was your old graphics card?

    Did you use some type of driver sweeper to remove the old graphics card drivers and did you install the latest drivers for your new graphics card?

    In which games exactly do you experience the drop of frame rate (the lag you describe) and which ones work well?

    At what screen resolution do you play your games?
  2. even with a 32bit operating system you should be running 4gigs of ram. some games require 4cores or more.
    list system specs and what are you using for a graphics card?
  3. Can you be more specific about the graphic card which been used and replaced maybe you can tell the type

    It's possible that it's your graphic card issue or maybe while you change it you accidentally unplug som cables or so
  4. Best answer
    Based on what you told us I suggest you are bumping into the limit of 2 GB of RAM. it is very beneficial to upgrade that part. Since you didn't give the GPU I assume it's VERY low end. My solution is this:
    Get a newer GPU a GTX 750 should work thanks to it's low power requirements. You will experience bottlenecking with it.

    Your build is very low end and your performance will soar after a complete upgrade. I will recommend this build:
    This build is capable of running all the games you mentioned at max and beyond with 60 fps and enable you to use 64-bit apps like Star Citizen (soon to come) When I built it I wanted longevity, Value, and solid performance. for $590 ($690 with OS of your choice) it will definitely take your performance out of the roof once in comparison.
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