trying to figure out if i should go with 16gb 1866mhz ram or 16gb 2400mhz ram

I have just bought a gigabyte 990fxa-ud7 top of the line motherboard and a top of the line AMD 8350 8core 4.2ghz black edition FX processor. My motherboard says up to 1866 or 2000oc MHz ram. I was wandering if I bought the g skill 2400mhz 16gb ram if my motherboard would automatically oc to 2000mhz or if I had to manually do it or if it would run the full 2400mhz?
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  2. to answer anyways.......... for maybe 1 or 2 extra fps while gaming do think it's worth the extra money?
  3. Well surprisingly the price difference is only $10 on newegg. That's why I was asking. If I get the 2400mhz will it even be able to run at that speed over locked?
  4. What do you mean by that? 2400 is the base clock. If you push it higher it becomes OverClocked.
  5. Lol at PCjoe you spent $400 on your i7 junk Intel that you will need to replace in a year when I spent $230 on my AMD that will last 10+ years and I would rather run radeon r9 than nvidia any day. Especially when I can get an 8gb 1024bit for half the price of a titan. And finally corsair ram ....seriously are you going bottom line in your PC build?
  6. Really wow thanks for the info. I was saying if I buy the 2400 will it even be able to run at that speed on the 990fxa-ud7 or will it only do the max 2000mhz that the motherboard says.
  7. That escalated quickly. It is a Titan Black Edition (EVGA signature edition Hydro Copper)
    Apologies if I did anything wrong. And no, Intel Processors are more reliable then AMD ones. And NVIDIA is currently ahead in GFX card development. Your R9? Seriously? A titan black is twice as good.
  8. Well from my experience I should say, I had a Pentium4 4.0ghz CPU when it came out and crashed in 2years even with a liquid cooler on it. so I switched to AMD am2 socket and it lasted 7+ years so I judge from that. But, if NVIDIA is ahead of radeon why can I only find a 386bit max vga?? I can get 2 vid cards in the 8gb 1024 bit radeon card without crossfire or SLI
  9. Didn't mean to sound negative sorry. Just trying to figure out if I should get 2400 or 1866 I need to match my vga with ram and I think if I bought top of the line gigabyte motherboard that it should be able to handle anything I throw at it.
  10. That's OK. If the difference is only 10$ as you say it probably will be worthwhile getting the 2400.
  11. If it helps any few 8350s can even run 16GB of 2133, they are rated to 2 sticks of 1866 (and testing was done w/ 4 GB far as the freq they will run at, when first installed they will default to the mobos base of prob 1333, then if available can use XMP, DOCP or EOCP to set the sticks to 1600, 1866, 2133 or whatever the BIOS has programmed in, that or set them up manually
  12. So 2 sticks of 8gb 1866mhz would be proficient. I just wanted to have the option to add If I ever wanted to up grade to windows ultimate but if my motherboard can't run at 2400mhz ram there's no reason to buy it. Honestly I wasn't completely sure if it would even read the 2400mhz ram if I went ahead and spent the extra $10. But, I guess the ram speed shouldn't have anything to do with motherboard how fast the ram max is. So if I just go ahead and buy the 2400mhz ram my motherboard will be able to read it. Plus I'll be able to oc it if I ever need to without any trouble right?
  13. So even if I get the 2 8gb sticks at 1866mhz ram they will still only default at 1333mhz?
  14. you missed something............ for the board to see it as 2400 you are going to have to go into the BIOS and make it run at 2400. (over clocking) the ram will most probably run at 1333 until you do. getting 1866 memory will be the same way.

    the 2 8gig sticks of 1866 sounds good to me.
  15. The motherboard I bought actually has a button by the ram slots you can push when you first load that will automatically set your ram parameters. Will it be able to read over 2000mhz or will it only max at 2000mhz?
  16. So weather I go with 1866 or 2400 I will still need to oc no matter what?
  17. Sry ment will it be able to oc at 2400mhz or will it max at 2000mhz
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    What you are doing is running the DRAM (if 1866) at it's designated spec and what AMD calls it's effective DRAM freq, but you have to set it to 1866, XMP, DOCP or EOCP is the easiest way, simply enable it in the BIOS and then select the 1866 freq
  19. Tradesman1 win7 and 8.1 can only read 16gb ram why would you go with 32gb? Do you run ultimate?
  20. So I have to go into the bios to set the speed. So spam delete at first load lol. I'm hoping when I'm done with this build I won't have to build another for year.
  21. So last question. If I get the 2400 I can still go into the bios and set it to 1866 with no issues? Plus I'll always have the option to upgrade to a max of 2400 in the future?
  22. Yeh. You can underclock it no problem. Putting it back to the normal is fine too after that.
  23. ITGuru said:
    Tradesman1 win7 and 8.1 can only read 16gb ram why would you go with 32gb? Do you run ultimate?


    I Run Pro and Ultimate on my rigs, here's a list :
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