what type of system can run god of war3

hello i am very curious to know that what type of pc can run god of war 3 if it arrives for pc???
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  1. probably a gtx 670 and above, of course @1080p sweet 60 frames and DX11 features.
  2. yeah, no. i'd just give up on the idea as long as Sony is still doing consoles and have no plans to offer their Gaikai PS3 online emulation services to PC.

    by the time PC can emulate PS3 games well enough sans Gaikai, you could've enjoyed the game much sooner getting a PS3 for cheap.
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    We know its not coming to pc, we just giving ideas on what specs would it run decently. NOT USING AN EMULATOR, we will need quad 780ti's to run GOW 3 with an emulator.
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