PC wont turn on, if i reset it, or restart it, it turns on only if i shut it down and press again

As the title says . my pc wont turn on after i reset or restart, it turns on , only if i shut it down completely

the rig:

i3 4150
gigabyte h81m-s1
8gb kingstone 1600mhz
toshinba 500gb hdd
500w sirtec bronze.
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    I had that problem with a new, custom-built rig. I always had to shut down and restart instead of just clicking "restart" in Windows or using the "reset" button on the case, neither of which would restart. My PC would exit Windows okay but wouldn't even get as far as the ASRock splash screen for the return journey in to Windows.

    It got very annoying to say the least.

    I did at first suspect the PSU but I'm glad I didn't shell out for a replacement because the fix turned out to be a BIOS update from my motherboard manufacturer (ASRock). Restarting and resetting works now.
  2. i have a gigagyte mobo, and indeed it was the bios, i solved this before your posting , so everyone should know in future if they have this issue, maybe the bios update will fix it
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