CPU temps super high

Hello everyone, let me start with my specs:

Sabertooth x79 motherboard
i7 4820k processor
GeForce GTX 770
Smart 750w power supply
2 kingstone x beast 16gb ram
HDD and SSD from my old system
Corsair H60 hydro series

My problem is with my cooling. When i turn on the computer and go into the BIOS, my CPU temp starts at already a high temperature, around the 60's, and goes up to the 100's. I've tried turning the fan of the h60, but it's still around the same temps.
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    Can you verify the temps using HWInfo, RealTemp? Yes those temps are quite high.

    Also check the CPU/heatsink installation.
  2. Quote:
    I've tried turning the fan of the h60, but it's still around the same temps.

    Do you mean that the radiator fan isn't turning and that you tried manually turning it?

    Is the H60 properly installed?

    Are you overclocking?

    BIOS temperature reading generally aren't wrong, but I agree you should check them with something like HWMonitor.
  3. Def check to make sure the heat sink is seated properly, and don't forget too much thermal paste is a bad thing. ive seen more than a few people gob it on too thick. which prevents heat from being transferred well.

  4. That's what HWMonitor says. I didn't use much of my Thermal Paste. And no, I just flipped the H60 fan. I screwed the screws tight this time, and well, up there is the image of how it looks...
    No, I'm not overclocking.
  5. These temps look fine!
  6. Temps are great, I would also check other programs like HWINFO64 and speccy. It's possible that the temps in your bios are wrong.
  7. Ubrales said:
    These temps look fine!

    Yeah! These do! But for some reason the ones at the BIOS interface were super high! Anyways, thanks everybody!
    Stress testing now! (Max of 62°C)(H60 box says with 100%load is 61.9) So far so good!
  8. Do you think BIOS is displaying the temps in Fahrenheit? :P

  9. That's it after the stress test, ran for 25 hours
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