USB 2.0 Vs Internal Wireless Adapter???

I currently have a BT Dongle 300

And it runs ok with a few hiccups every so often were it loses connection for 10 seconds or so (which isn't good as i game) so i wondering if buying an internal wireless adapter to install in my PC would be better and give an improvement as unfortunately the router is downstairs and my PC is upstairs so i cant go wired.

Comparing the BT Dongle above with this;

Edit: Just thought i would add, i do a lot of gaming and tend to download and stream quite often.
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  1. An internal card with antennas will definitely give you better range and probably all around better performance. That particular card has some iffy reviews however. You might want to look around a bit.
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    This tends to mostly be a personal preference since in general they work about the same. The USB advantage is it is very easy to make it remote from the computer with a 15ft USB extension cable. This allows optimum placement in the room without having to be close to the computer case. The PCI cards tend to have much better antenna and it tends to be easier to get devices with 3 3x3 mimo support. You can get antenna extension for PCI but they are kinda expensive. If the PCI antenna have good view angle to the router you will likely get more signal, if you stuff it under the desk against the wall it won't work so good....then again neither will a USB dongle plugged directly in to the back of a computer.
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