[HELP] CPU 100% Load proccess -VMware

I needed to use Vmware Workstation for something. From there my CPU load went to 100% while my coputer is idling and not runing Vmware Workstation. Here's a picture of my Task Manager I tried to end vmware processes but still my cpu load is 100% and its reaching higher temperatures -

Running on Windows 7 x64
intel i5 (more info in the second print screen link)
8gb of ram

If you need more information just ask!
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  1. The VMWare service might still be running; check to make sure the service is not running.
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    just kill dgen.exe thats whats eating your cpu atleast looks like that in this screenshot, try to kill that process and report back, dgen is most likely background procces from vmware
  3. Thanks alot cemerian! I just ended dgen.exe process tree really appreciate your help. Was worried for the constant temperature
  4. No problem, it can happen again after reboot, but dont worry just kill it if you still need it otherwise kill it and uninstall
  5. If it comes back after a reboot, open up msconfig and make sure whatever process spawns dgen doesn't start automatically at boot.
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