My Gateway Solo 9500 is 13 years old & when I turn it on It beeps twice & doesn't do anything, how do you fix that ?

I know its kinda stupid to have a 13 year laptop but I still enjoy it. I got it when I was 8-10ish ( im 15 now ) and it was running good all up till alst year then it started doing alot of physical memory dumps and it gave the the screen of death. It has died 3 times. The first time when it was 6 years old then when it was 8 years old ( charging port died so we hardwired it into it ) and now 13 It died the day RIGHT after my 15th birthday and a few months later , I did a power drain and it started workin again. Now the video card " runs out of resources " alot, I don't have a roll back driver and I can't upgrade it cause it can't find any and the CD rom quit working YEARS ago. Any suggestions ?
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  1. Oh and I did defrag it , I also downloaded some registry booster thing and it has helped some but It still gives out on me
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