random FPS drops

Hello i'm having an issue with gaming. My setups allows me to run most of the games at max setttings and get a decent framerate, except for the really have ones, like metro, crysis 3...

My setups is
gtx 670 zotac amp
mobo b75m-gl
4 gb 1600 mhz ram

Everything was installed a week ago, with fresh windows and everything, so cleaning up, reinstalling or whatever wont help. What could be the reason for the drops? i ran the stress tests and nothing appears to be overheating.

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  1. Well the temps are abit wierd, with the stress test speed fan shows only 35 on gpu, i measured my CPU temps with Realtemp.
  2. First thing to do is check for back ground processes while your gaming it could virus scanner running or random update going on in the back group.
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