Auto optimize ssd environment/settings available?

Hi everyone,

I've just bought a SSD, and I was wondering if there is any program which auto-optimzes/maintains your SSD settings/environment. Or if there exists a complete list with all the possible actions you could do in order to keep your SSD at top speed/condition. Since there are so many things you should keep in mind when using/maintaining a SSD(TRIM, changing pagefile dir, disable superfetch and everything) it's perfectly reasonable that you forget/pass over some of them.

Now there is an equally amount of threats which discuss all of these things, so that isn't really clearing things up. So it'd be very useful and easy to sum these up or put it into a program. In addition to that, is there a list of programs/features, which are well-know of their abundant randow-write's, so you can disable or delete them?
Thanks in advance.
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  2. @USAFRet: This is exactly what i meant! You have my thanks, respect, and admiration.
    Didn't read the erticles yet, but could you name some programs or windows features which perform a lot of random writes on the ssd?
  3. Defrag (don't do that)
    Using it as a scratch place for editing video
    Using it as a daily full backup of a TB of data (don't do that)

    Seriously, though. Unless you have a large, data intensive database, with LOTS of daily writes, you're fine. Consumer grade SSD's have been shown to handle 300+GB per day for 5 years, with zero problems or slowdown.
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