PC keeps freezing up and won't respond. Any help please.

Hey everyone,

Okay so long story short, my PC keeps crashing.
The monitor acts as if it's gone into hibernate mode and shuts down and the PC still has power but just will not respond (LED lights keep lighting so I know it's on). Sound from my speakers also starts to skip.

It doesn't seem to happen if I'm just surfing the web or things like that but when ever I play games, the crashes seem to happen. Also, a few days ago, my PC kept crashing giving me "Power surge detected! Asus power surge activated!" error message on restart. I turned the power surge protection off in settings to fix this (Probably a bad idea but I have power surge protection in the plugs on my wall).

Now I don't think it's an over heating issue because my PC seems to be expelling cold air all the time and all the temp reading on my CPU and GPU seem normal. But anyway, if anyone could give any help or advice on test I could run to determine the problem it would be much appreciated.

The PC is just over a year old.


Intel i7-3770k processor.
(Asus build) nVidia GTX 660ti,
Asus Z77 saber tooth mother board,
Corsair 800 Watt power supply,
16GB of corsair Vengeance Ram,
SSD blah blah blah, the rest is standard.

Nothing OC, standard coolers on everything.


There has been a development. I reset my Powersupply to the factory default settings and now the PC boots up with no problems so far. No crashes, no blue screen, no PC locking up. But now, when ever I try to shut the PC down it won't fully turn off. I hear the fans slowing down and it makes the same sound as it always did shutting down but the LED lights stay on and the Fans keep spinning on the case. Before I reset the Powersupply, the PC wouldn't boot at all and there was a Red light on my motherboard that i never saw before. Could this be a powersupply problem or is the motherboard not functioning properly.
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  1. It is caused by a power spike when the computer is turned on.
  2. redheat2010 said:
    It is caused by a power spike when the computer is turned on.

    What do you mean? The crash occurs when ever i'm actually using The PC. Seems to happen mostly when I'm playing games.
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