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Hi guys.

I just bought a new cpu cooler the thermaltake contac 16. So as the title says it runs all the time at max speed around 2.6k rpm. So i wanna ask you before doing something. How can i reduce the fan speed. It's a 3pin conector placed in a 4pin mobo.
here are 2 screenshoots from cpu and mobo.

i Will edit my post after i reset my pc and get some screenshots from the bios.

Edit: here are some pics from the bios.

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  1. Try downloading speedfan and adjust the RPM there or just do it in BIOS. There are many tutorials in YT
  2. Well i tryed the speed fan app but didnt work. Thats why i came here to ask. If u can tell me the bios setup to reduce or give me a link. Cuz i dunno how to do it i placed some SS from the bios hope that helps.
  3. Well i only got the Q-fan option and what ever i edit there he still spins at max speed as shown on the pics.

    Thanks anyway for fast responds.
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