Should I get Maximus Vi Hero or z87 asus Pro?

I want to get z87 pro but it out of stock... I heard maximus vi hero have problems such as the clock time is incorrect and etc.
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  1. I have the HERO and so does Tradesman1 another mod in the forum and we would both recommend the HERO.

    My favorite build. :D

    My time is always right.
  2. Hey, I heard someone was putting words in my mouth here, and it's true! SR-71 speaks the truth, I did 20 client Haswell builds before picking the Hero for mine (in sig) and it Love it enough, I've already picked up the Z97 version of the Hero also, have it running with another 4770K while waiting the release of the Haswell refresh K model CPUs...
  3. When I buy the motherboard do I need to update bios?
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    Depends on what CPU you plan to use for it? If straight Haswell prob not, unless you encounter a DRAM problem, the December BIOS update was extremely stable, they have since had updates primarily related to the new Haswell refresh CPUs and DRAM updates
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