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They stopped working on sabertooth FX990 R2.0. Photonboy, sorry about the resolved button. Trying my best to post or reply. Clearing the CMOS didn't work. All USB's ports even 2.0, 3.0 and the case too. Installl and old USB card onto the mother board didn't work either. I am in touch with ASUS on this matter. Going into
BIOS both keyboard and mouse work, reboot, windows 7 pro starts, no keyboard or mouse.
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  1. So they were working at some point but no longer work? Try clearing CMOS:

    If that won't work, install the newest chipset and USB (3.0) drivers:
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    1) All ports, or just some of them?

    2) Not sure what USB3 drivers have to do with it if only USB2 (not BLUE).

    3) Do any work BEFORE Windows boots but not after?
    (keep in mind some USB ports may not work until Windows boots. I specifically mean ones that work BEFORE but NOT after, not ones that don't work either way).

    4) Can you burn an UBUNTU disc to boot to? (If they don't work here the motherboards likely broken, if they do it's a software issue in Windows).

    5) Are these only to the FRONT CASE?
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