High End PC now suddenly running so slow?

Okay, so one day I was playing Day Z and getting an amazing 60 fps on high and 1920X1080. I then played some rust on Amazing and was getting 70 fps. Then I played some more games, all running at 60 frames or more. Then the next day, i boot up Rust and begin to run the game at 20 frames! I try League of Legends (cause that game is tiny) and run THAT at 30.

My specs are as is: (this is a laptop btw)
Intel i7 4th Gen 4700
Nvidia GeForce GTX 770M
1920 x 1080 HD Display (laptop)

Please help, ive already tried deleting a few games i dont play and some steam workshop items i dont use.
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  1. Defrag you hard-drive, reinstall graphics drivers, update them too.
  2. Check for viruses and run a scan using malwarebytes. Clear temp files, defragment your hard-drive partitions. Update your graphics card driver.
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