How to move cable modem & router to different room

I have relocated my modem and router from upstairs to downstairs, connected cable to modem and ethernet cable to computer. Voila! I have internet. Now I moved ethernet connection from modem to router and connected second ethernet to computer. Plugged in router and received message that I am connected to router but not the internet. I have not changed any of the settings for the router. Using same network name and a password. What do I need to do so that my iphone and other devices log into existing wireless network moved to different room in home?

I have successfully resolved the problem. I made some mistakes but worked myself out of thm. What I did was reset my router back to factory default. I than typed in onto the internet and successfully updated my router information. It is working fine now and the speed has actually improved substantially. Before, my computer download/upload iternet speed was slow as molasses. It is not much faster. Thanks for those who tried to help.
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    from the modem to router then router to all the other device .
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