What's a free generally easy way to share files outside of my local network aside from email attachments and Dropbox?

I want to share some of my downloaded movies and music with my sister who lives in another city. The files i'm working with are too large to send via email and my dropbox is already full. I really don't like Dropbox anyway because my HD movies take hours to upload and I constantly have to delete older movies to make space for newer ones and I can't pay the monthly fee to add more space. I tried FreeNAS but it was far too complicated for me. I've gotten FTP servers to work over my local network but I can't wrap my head around port forwarding. Although I am very interested in running an FTP server if only I could figure out how to make it work globally. As I said I would really like to avoid pay to use cloud solutions like Dropbox. Does anyone know of any easy to use web server programs which will allow me to do what should be a simple task like sharing files over the internet. I have plenty of hard drives lying around as well as broadband internet and my desktop has decent specs.
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  1. google drive
  2. Beezy said:
    google drive

    Nah I really want to run an FTP or other web server. As I said I don't want to wait hours uploading movies.
  3. You will have to get your head around portforwarding one way or another!
    It is simply a requirement to give people from the outside world access to specific devices on your local network, whether it be an ftp server or a NAS.

    The only thing visible from your network on the "global" internet is your router/modem, and unless you tell your modem to which device to forward certain requests, it wouldn't know what to do with those incoming requests!

    On top of this, with consumer internet access you'll likely get a dynamic public IP assigned, so you'll need to master the mechanics of Dynamic DNS services as well.

    Although some NAS devices come with a preconfigured ddns service (Lacie springs to mind), but you'll still have to forward the proper ports to your NAS.

    You'll have to start to do some research on the subject, unfortunately there is no "easy" software which can solve your requirements!

    Doing what you want to do in a secure and practical way is unfortunately a tad above "basic" knowledge level, best to ask somebody with more knowledge about the subject to help you out.

    It's a bit to complicated to write up a full tutorial on how to achieve your requirements
  4. You can also look at a NAS with a web interface/client. That could make sharing files easier. Ones like the Western Digital MyCloud EX series can even do it w/o learning port-forwarding.
  5. I know how to forward tcp ports now. I made a Youtube video showing how to run a public ftp server if anyone is interested. Just search my channel.
  6. codyw1996 said:
    I know how to forward tcp ports now. I made a Youtube video showing how to run a public ftp server if anyone is interested. Just search my channel.

    thanks for that :]
  7. Best answer
    Bittorrent Sync. No port forwarding required.
  8. Lowie1771 said:
    Bittorrent Sync. No port forwarding required.

    Where were you several months ago when I posted this. :)
  9. No problem. Be sure to mark this issue as solved.
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