what do you need to use a microphone with your motherboard/pc

I am picking PC parts i found some. I am looking to play games and Skype with friends. are the audio parts built in to the motherboard, And will i need to download the drivers to use my mic and audio.

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    The audio components are built in. When you get the PC, you should install the drivers that come with the board on the DVD. They will include audio drivers. Then all you need to do is plug the mic into the pink audio port on the back, and the speakers / headset into the green port.
  2. the Realtek drivers should already be installed, should be just plug and play. With USB microphones, just plug them in also (may need to install a driver for software).
  3. unknownofprob, Please note: The board has VIA audio, not Realtek. Windows does not automatically install Realtek or VIA audio drivers, you have to install them yourself.
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