looking for Good PERIPHERALS for GAMING ;) !!!! some EXPERTS will be needed

i m very interested in gaming ! so that's why i need some good and in budget peripherals for GAMING ;D .....

1. First lets look for a good mouse and i think my budget will be 1.5k :\
here is what i m thinking to pick - LOGITECH G300
what u guys say about this product is it good enough to purchase ?

2. Here,comes the HEADSET :) i have not searched for headset yet so i don't have any 1 in my list ...
but i m looking for a headset around 1k only with noise canceling will be good if available :| , wired , bass , awesome sound , mic .. that's all i have to say

SO, pleas help me with the MICE and HEADSET ! THANK y0u
suggest some good products :) {note : currency is rupee}

sites : http://www.flipkart.com/ & http://www.amazon.in/
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  1. Logitech g500 and audio teknica ath-m50
  2. plaintuts said:
    Logitech g500 and audio teknica ath-m50

    but g500 is too expensive :| and my buget is 1.5k
  3. oh... rupee..

    that would be $25..

    kinda hard. check this for the mouse.

    the headset... cant suggest anything..
  4. I would go for a turtle beach headset, just go on their website and pick the most expensive one. :D
  5. What kind of games do you play? That will help me decide on a mouse to recommend. If you play FPS, get a Razer Deathadder 2013. If you play WoW or LoL or DOTA, I recommend the Razer Naga.

    As for a headset, the G930 is a wireless headset for about $100 on Amazon. It is the best wireless headset on the market. I love the ability to walk around my entire house while still talking in game or listening to music. When I go upstairs for a snack I can still chat with my friends! Some people dislike wireless headsets before they try. I personally would not get any other headset.
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