Can I add a different type of RAM onto my existing 8gb of G.Skill Sniper ram?


I have 8gb of ram in my system and for future proofing I wanted to upgrade to 16gb. At the moment I have 8GB of g.skill sniper (2x4) 1600mhz. I want to add 8gb to my system. I looked around and cant find the exact type. My question: Would it matter if the new memory was a bit different (Same speed) to the RAM I have now?
Sorry if this is obvious, this is my first build...

Thanks, Tom
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    You can try, no guarantees. Will say though, the Snipers are prob the most flexible sticks I've worked with as far as mixing with others, so if you try and have any problems, give me a shout, we should be able to get them to play
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